Genre: Factual Entertainment, Documentary

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"Boys Love: Thailand’s BL Revolution'' delves into a genre that is redefining romance dramas with its male-male love stories, pushing boundaries, and building a huge global fandom. Through interviews with key BL industry figures, actors, academics and more, it showcases the industry’s profound cultural impact. Witness how Thailand’s BL industry is redefining women’s popular culture and its narratives of love, societal norms, and how its influence is beginning to permeate global popular culture.

Genre: Cooking, Adventure

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“Cook & Kin” is created and co-produced by Singapore-based O4 Experiential, Thailand-based Brite Panther and Singapore’s IFA Media.

"Cook & Kin" will mix chef Marco's life-long experience in the kitchen with Luciano's fresh perspective. Through them, viewers will see the best of Thai cuisine championed by the dynamic duo as they meet local chefs who share their life stories and cooking heritage, from ancient Royal recipes, to a daughter taking her family’s culinary legacy in new directions. “Cook & Kin” will explore Thai food passed from generation to generation like never before.

Production started in April 2023 with delivery by the end of the summer.

Genre: Food and Lifestyle

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Food Tales explores the incredible life stories of Singapore’s local hawker heroes featured in the annual food and music extravaganza: GastroBeats.

With a diverse mix of influences stemming from waves of immigration to a tiny island, Singapore’s culinary landscape represents the beating heart of the nation.

From reinvigorating heritage food like kueh to fiery fusion combining Singaporean nasi lemak and Indonesian ayam taliwang, each tale is a unique personal exploration into the vibrancy of Singapore’s food scene. Every episode focuses on a single culinary journey, revealing compelling new layers of Singapore’s diverse food landscape, and the struggles and triumphs of these innovative hawkers.

Discover how a collection of local legends found their calling and made their mark within the ultimate foodie melting pot.

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