Formats in Development

O4 Media is always looking for new strategic partnerships in format creation and development.

The following formats are currently under development and will be ready to launch to market in 2022.

For enquiries please contact our Operations Manager, Josh Densley.

At Your Chef’s Convenience

Genre: Cooking

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They may be Michelin star-rated and enjoy competing, but this time they only have USD10.00 to buy the ingredients to create a gastronomical experience, with everything purchased from their local convenience store. To help them make the meal we will provide them with identical condiments but each week this will change, sometimes there may be an abundance to choose from… and other times just plain old salt and pepper. And of course who better to judge their masterpieces than their very own peers!

Bingo Mania

Genre: Game Show

Everyone loves to play bingo and this format allows viewers to take part from the comfort of their homes by using smartphones to win money and prizes. In the studio, we will see the contestants fight it out over a number of rounds. They hope to increase the size of their winnings at the end of each round by spinning the ‘Wheel of Destiny’ but have to be careful, because if they land on the wrong segment, it all disappears before their eyes.

Superstar Gamer

Genre: E-Sports Reality

E-gaming is now recognized as both a sport and profession, with big money in play. Do you have what it takes to cut it and secure your place on a professional team?

Superstar Gamer will ask the nation’s gamers to compete for a place in the top 20. Over the following rounds we see them battling it out until only one competitor remains. They need skills other than just playing a video game. Mental and physical challenges await the finalist as only 1 can be the overall winner.