Operation Transformation

Duration: 60 minutes
Episodes: 8
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No. of episodes
8 x 60 minutes
No. of seasons
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Magnify Media
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Available Territories
Why we like this title

It is not about who is losing weight, but a transformation from an unhealthy to a healthy lifestyle.


This is NOT a weight loss competition. There are NO winners or losers. This is the story of 5 very ordinary people, who are overweight and unhealthy. These 5 very normal people are selected to become Leaders. They will embark on an 8 week plan to improve their health, lose weight and become happier.

Our Leaders will be mentored by a dietician, a fitness expert, a psychologist and a doctor who will devise weekly health plans for them.

The viewers can then ‘Follow the Leader’ and follow the same weekly health plan as the Leader who most resonates with them. Each Leader’s weekly health plan, and accompanying videos to help and support them, are hosted on the programme’s website.

This is more than a TV format:  it is a national event. Online communities spring up where people following a certain Leader can share their difficulties and support each other.   And real-life communities are grown through a number of nation-wide events:  park walks, 5k runs…

This cross-media format is a MOVEMENT that challenges a whole nation to join a campaign for better health and happiness.  The TV series is filmed event-style, coverage on-line through radio and social media builds a sense of occasion and in the final programme both Leaders and viewers are very clear that Operation Transformation is part of a long-term, sustainable movement for improved health and happiness.

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