Ninja Warrior

Genre: Obstacle Course, Sports Entertainment

Ninja Warrior, also known as Sasuke in Japan, is a popular and challenging obstacle course competition television show. It originated in Japan and has since inspired various international versions, including American Ninja Warrior, Ninja Warrior UK, and Ninja Warrior Germany, among others.

The concept of the show revolves around contestants attempting to complete a multi-stage obstacle course within a certain time limit.

The course is designed to test their strength, agility, balance, and overall athleticism.

Available exclusively for India Only.

Cook & Kin

Genre: Cooking, Adventure

“Cook & Kin” is created and co-produced by Singapore-based O4 Experiential, Thailand-based Brite Panther and Singapore’s IFA Media.

"Cook & Kin" will mix chef Marco's life-long experience in the kitchen with Luciano's fresh perspective. Through them, viewers will see the best of Thai cuisine championed by the dynamic duo as they meet local chefs who share their life stories and cooking heritage, from ancient Royal recipes, to a daughter taking her family’s culinary legacy in new directions. “Cook & Kin” will explore Thai food passed from generation to generation like never before.

Production started in April 2023 with delivery by the end of the summer.


Genre: Drama

Nine high school students live in a penthouse in a self-created city commune. Welcome to the world of Euphoria, where the age of 17 is the new 30, and parenthood doesn’t exist.

Euphoria draws a sexy, disturbing and bold profile of those born in the nineties. It is packed with non-stop drama that gives the viewer a sneak peek into the teenagers' world: including all the hot love stories and stress.

Euphoria is a dark and edgy drama that sheds light on teenagers around the world – not the role models, but the ones who manage to fight another day to survive.

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